Grades & Assignments

You must complete all major assignments. If you do not submit all materials for each project, you will not pass the class. I am particularly twitchy about work you do that involves your fellow students. Take it seriously.

You should submit your work on time. Late work will only be accepted if you consult with me prior to the class period in which the work is due. Work is considered to be late after 5:00 pm (your time) on the due date.

GPA Percentage

A 100 – 94 percent

A- 93 – 90 percent

B+ 89 – 87 percent

B 86 – 83 percent

B- 82 – 80 percent

C+ 79 – 77 percent

C 76 – 73 percent

C- 72 – 70 percent

D+ 69 – 67 percent

D 66 – 63 percent

D- 62 – 60 percent

F 59 and below


Note that these are just brief overviews—full‐length assignments and examples will be provided in class. 

Three projects and Quiz grade make up your grade for ENG 314; note that each project has several components—to successfully complete the project, you must successfully complete each component.

Quizzes: (100 points)

Sadly, I find that in the attention economy of of undergraduate education, students do not always privilege the reading they should be doing to be able to do more important work competently or well. As a result, I have several weekly reading/quizzes to help you stay focused. I find that students who have read or even, say, have the book with them and are familiar with the readings for the week do well in this section of the course.

Project 1: Professional Writing Report (200 points)

You will first identify an organization or company for which you want to perform a writing audit. For the writing audit, you will gather as many examples as you can of the external textual communication created and distributed by the organization. After you’ve gathered the materials, you’ll spend some time reviewing them and then generate a rhetorical analysis of the materials.

Project 2: Proposal Writing (600 points)

We’ll spend time in class talking about managing communication projects—approaches, tools, strategies, and much more. In this project which mixes individual and group work, you will do a needs assessment of a document, user research, a user tested proposal for redesigned content, and a press release about that new content.

Project 3: Curation of Technical/Professional Materials (200 points)

For this final project, you will finalize and submit a set of professional documents, specifically: • Part A: a resume that you can both use and continue to update • Part B: a recruitment job ad that you are tailoring your resume for

Components** Due Date* Points
  quizzes (10) various 100
<PROJECT 1> Part A report (i) Week 5 200
Part B media release (i)  Week 7 100
<PROJECT 2> Part A workplan (c) Week 8 100
  Part B research materials (c) Week 10 100
Part C presentation (c) Week 13 100
Part D proposal & deliverables (c) Week 14 200
<PROJECT 3> Part A job ad (i) Week 16 20
Part B resume (i) Week 16 180

(i) indicates individual assignment

(c) indicates collaborative assignments

All written assignments can be revised and resubmitted with revision cover letter within two weeks for a new grade.