Project: Media Release



For this project, you will produce a 1‐page media release. Media releases are a typical genre in professional writing and one you will likely encounter and likely produce in your internship and at work. For your release, you will take a rather dense academic piece and translate its importance in such a way to support media outlets delivery for a lay audiences.

Getting Started

Media releases have specific formatting and writerly conventions. You’ll want to get familiar with these before you get started. We’ll spend time in class looking at and analyzing media releases.

The media release you will produce will be based on a boring intraorganizational departmental document. The audience for your media release are local media outlets, including the The Technician; The News & Observer; WUNC PBS affiliate, and local NPR affiliate.


Source Document

You’ll be writing a media release for review the English Department’s Strategic plan and focus on main points to highlight in a media release.


Your media release will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Style: Is the media release written in an easy to read manner? Are the sentences short? Is it written in such a manner that other media outlets can mine its content?
Arrangement: Is the media release written in “chunks”? Do those chunks make sense thematically?
Memory: Is there available followup contact information?
Purpose: Does the media release give the content a specific focus for readers. Maintains and focuses on clear rhetorical purpose. Does the media release contain or support some call to action?
Audience: Is the primary audience, media outlets, clear? Is there a clear secondary audience for the work (students, business owners, educators, etc.)?