Project: Proposal Writing

For this four‐part project, you will work together to create a new LWR content course content that can be used in multiple forms of delivery. We’ll be analyzing and creating a new document along with a proposal to change some form of communication.

The four parts of the project include:

            Part A: workplan and goals

            Part B: draft research materials and deliverables

            Part C: an oral presentation report

            Part D: report of research materials and deliverables

Getting Started (links):

LWR webpage

Brand and style guides at NC State

Other examples of brand and style guides:




We’ll spend time in class talking about managing communication projects—approaches, tools, strategies, and much more. As you get started on Part A, we’ll first split into project groups.

Getting Started

Project 2 will be done in project teams. In class, we’ll talk about project specifics, but I anticipate that we’ll need to allocate time and energy to:

  • getting into project teams for the small‐group work
  • looking for similar documents to serve as examples and decide what we like and don’t like, and what we might want to do or not in our document
  • looking for all sorts of other documents that might provide content inspiration—good ideas about what we want to include
  • creating a survey and/or interview for potential Professional Writing students
  • distributing the survey and collecting findings
  • interviewing people and writing up our findings
  • deciding what we want to include in the thing we create
  • identifying time for project teams to present to the whole class
  • compiling all the text and editing the text
  • brainstorming design and layout ideas
  • crafting a set of “next steps” for the team that will actually do the design and layout… and probably more tasks!

After we’ve talked about the project in class and split into project teams, each group will produce an initial planning document. The document will be a brief memo that addresses your group’s workplan, tasks, and goals for tackling the tasks above and working.



For Part B, you will prepare and bring to class for review your group’s set of draft and research materials, along with questions or concerns you want addressed at this point. We’ll do some workshopping in class, and you’ll have time to refine your documents as we work toward Part C & D.





For this brief (15 minutes or so; 15 slides or so) slideshow presentation, you will work with at least three other people to create a presentation on/about the design decisions you have made.

Getting Started

You will take and merge the findings from your reports and shift those findings to a slideshow format, which will require you to craft bullet-point-driven slides with headings, and to integrate quotes, visuals, etc., differently than you did in the written report.



Generating Deliverables

After moving through Parts A, B, and C (collaboratively) together, we will create a draft of the document you’ve been working on, to deliver to the Department of English.

We’ll need to compile each group’s work, edit that work for consistency, and collaboratively craft a cover memo for the department—explaining our approach and our recommendations for moving the document into design, layout, and production. An “A” paper will be of high quality and consist of the following:

  • Articulation of design problem
  • A rhetorical analysis of alternative designs
  • Audience analysis of some sort including articulation of audience practices
  • A set of three design, options, and examples of for each document with illustrative sample design that match brand standards from NCSU
  • Brief style guide for each design choice

Additionally, each team leader will prepare a project memo (2 pages) in which you describe the work your team did on the project and reflect upon the experience as a technical and professional communicator. Please include cited work from the class and “stacked” ranking of fellow group members.